Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stevie video on YouTube

My dad tipped me off to this on Sunday when I got back from Stacey's unveiling. He said "Hey, is that your Stevie Nicks necklace?" and of course, I said "Yeah, why?" because I was wearing it (like always). He said "She had hers on this morning, too" and then when I said "Get out of here. How would you know?" He said "Yeah, she did...when she was on Sunday Morning" and I thought he was FULL OF CRAP...but, as it turns out it was real. The episode was actually a repeat of a March broadcast. You can see the video on YouTube here. Give yourself a good 10 minutes. Or 20 if you want to see it twice. The video linked me to another groovy Stevie site that I had never heard of before. Click here to view it. Ok, ok, so I hear you saying "Get over Stevie already" but I won't. I can't. So there.

Another great site I bumped into today is www.pickyourown.org Find a "Pick your own" farm near you! There is great information on canning. Recipes, too. Check it out.

That's all for tonight. We've had storms off and on since about 8:00. Lots of rain for my cucumber plant. I'll post photos of that soon, I promise!

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