Friday, August 24, 2007

Promised photos

I'm finally getting around to uploading these photos I promised a few days ago. I've been sort of busy...mostly running after the kids and trying out a new discipline tactic (1-2-3 Magic). Yesterday I went out to Liudwih's to take her gift to her. I can say now that it was a HUGE jar of honey. Since she and her husband brew some of the mead for our kindred, I felt it would be nice to give them some local Gettysburg honey. I bet it's yummy...I can't wait to try mine. Anyway, I had forgotten a bunch of stuff at her house a few weeks ago so I needed to pick up that and also get her help casting on for my new knitting project. We stayed out at her house for a few hours, kids played, women-folk chatted, then we came back home and I was beat for the rest of the day!

Today, I'm cleaning house as my friend Sue is coming in tonight to visit for a few days. I'm planning to take her and the kids to the beach tomorrow. I think my friend Maureen might meet us out there and we'll have a picnic lunch or something. As long as it doesn't get TOO hot, I think we'll have a great time.

So, the of my sink full of peaches, one of the final project (must say, we ate a jar of them last night for dessert and they will definitely hit the spot when it's winter!), Tinna's sore face, and the cuke. I think I need to abandon all ideas of making pickles. To date, this is the only large cucumber I have on the vine. I guess to make pickles, I'd have to have two or three of these vines growing and producing at the same time. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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