Monday, July 23, 2007

We interrupt this dinnertime...

to bring you an "Oh thank GOD" moment! And here it is...

Drew Cary has been named Bob Barker's successor on "The Price Is Right"...and not that fat annoying pig Rosie O'Donnell. OH THANK GOD! Because, seriously, folks, I would NEVER have watched that show again and I'm just betting the ratings would have plummeted quickly. (Not that I am a regular viewer, mind you, I just have fond memories of watching this with my grandparents and Rosie O'Donnell would have ruined it for me.)

Other than that, nothing new here. Still trying to scam quiet "Harry Potter" moments here and there.

Oh, yes! Wait! HERE'S some real news! We walked out of our door a little after 4 this afternoon to walk Henry and we were greeted by a BIG Pit Bull type dog in our yard. It wasn't mean but Henry wasn't happy about it being there. I managed to shove Henry and William back inside but the girls were already down the steps and I couldn't get them fast enough. They started running and screaming and wouldn't stop to listen to the dog thought they wanted to play. It was not a mean dog, just had a lot of energy and was big and did not know the commands "GO HOME" or "GO AWAY", which have seemed to work for me in the past with these types of situations. It kept jumping up on Tinna and managed to scratch Tinna's arm a bit. Nothing horrible but it did break the surface. SOOOO...long story short...Mary Ann (neighbor) called Animal Services for me and they came as quickly as they could. Alas, said dog has not been spotted or caught. If we do not find it, the HEALTH DEPARTMENT will be contacting me concerning the scratches...and Tinna might need to be treated for rabies...whether she has it or not. F*ING LOVELY and I'm NOT happy right now. So, we are seriously hoping that the animal is found and that it HAS had it's current rabies vaccines.

I tried the mint from my garden in my latest batch of sweet tea this afternoon. My predictions were adds a very lovely flavour!

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