Friday, July 13, 2007

My 1st meme

I was tagged by Rose to respond to this meme.

1. Which person in your life has had the greatest impact on you and why?

I don't think I can name just one. There have been so many people that have shown up when I needed them most. Mrs. H, my second grade teacher, Miss. H, my seventh grade reading teacher, Mrs. C, my high school algebra teacher who I still love dearly and call when I need her kind words. Of course I have to say my father - because he raised me and did a pretty good job of it.

2. What type of food do you always have in the fridge?

Kid friendly stuff. Milk, cheese, fruit. And most times there's beer and wine to be found.

3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'd try to relax a bit more. I'm too uptight about almost everything and I yell at my kids too often.

4. Name three of your greatest strengths.

I tend to think I'm relatively smart. I'm strong emotionally. I can be friendly when I want to be. =)

5. Which book do you wish you'd written, and why?

This is another difficult question to answer! I wish I could have written Mark Helprin's Winter's Tale. The love and passion that exists between Beverly and Peter Lake could not have been born only in his imagination. It had to have been lived first. Oh, to have ever lived THAT passionately!

I tag LexyKahn


Rose said...

Winter's Tale sounds wonderful. I have been wanting to read Freddy and Fredericka for quite awhile--have you read that?. I just might have to run out to the used pb bookstore before vacation, and pick up one of these! Although most of the "reading" I get done these days is with audio books...
Congrats on your first meme! :-)

Shannon said...

Sadly, no, I haven't read Freddy and Fredericka yet...but I will! I tried Winter's Tale twice. The first time, I just couldn't get into it (I think it was exhaustion from twin babies). The second time, I couldn't put it down. It's BIG, probably not easily portable...but it's soooo really should try to find a copy. Maybe I'll read it again since it's sitting here right beside me as I write this. A most delicious read indeed!