Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm just full of chatter tonight...

Any other parrotheads try "Land Shark Lager" yet? It's made by Jimmy down there in Margaritaville. I tried one tonight and thought it was decent. Light, refreshing and helped numb the senses that are a bit raw these days from screaming at kids. Anyway, you can see a picture and read a review of it here. Warning: the review is a poor one. The writer totally disses the beer but I rather liked it. And I'm a girl with a beer "passport". (Sue, do you still have yours? I ran across mine just the other week when I was unpacking a box! We never did get to complete all 80 beers but we sure had fun trying, didn't we?!) True, it's not the BEST beer I've ever had...but I'm a dark beer kind of girl anyway.

Below is a funny little thing I saw online last week and had to share. You might need to squint a bit to read it but when I saw it, I truly thought it was the funniest thing I had read in a long time.

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