Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I just got back from a child-free afternoon. It struck me the other day that I really needed a break from the kids AND I wanted to see I hired a sitter for the afternoon. *sigh* How nice it was to walk in to the theatre alone. No one fighting, no one tugging on me, no one running away from me (ie, Tinna who has been really really bad about this lately). Oh, and because I went to a matinee, my ticket cost was only $3.50!

HPOTP was good. Probably not as good as Goblet of Fire. So much is missing from the movie. But realistically, how can one expect to see all 800 pages in just over 2 hours? The producers did a pretty good job. I certainly wasn't disappointed but it wasn't as beautiful as GOF either(think ball scenes, dresses, etc. none of that in this movie.) It was very dark but so was the storyline. I honestly think they could have portrayed Harry's despair a bit more than they did. In the book, he came across as being on the edge of madness. In my opinion, the movie didn't relate that very well. One of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham-Carter, makes her first appearance in HPOTP. As always, she's beautiful and terrific. I saw a story about her maybe 2 days ago...apparently Bellatrix Lestrange has a great deal to do with the ending of the series and I'm sure that's why she signed on for the role...even though she was only on-screen less than 15 minutes in this movie. Wow...I cannot wait for the final movie to be out if this is the case! Oh, and the trailers shown before the movie looked great. I'm especially excited about "Becoming Jane", a new movie about Jane Austin. Anne Hathaway, Maggie Smith, Julie Walters (did anyone else see her in "Billy Elliot"??? What an INCREDIBLE movie!) I think I'm more excited about the trailer of this movie than I am about the fact that I just saw HPOTP...ALONE!

Another piece of news, Delaney is now registered for Kindergarten. Boo-hoo. *sniff-sniff* my baby is growing up. We walked over to her school today to turn in the registration packet. The walk is nice. It took us just about 10 minutes and that was with some dawdling along the way. Afterwards, we spent about an hour playing on the playgrounds over there. The kids had a blast.

So, that was our big day today. No new pictures to share. Maybe on Monday.


Rose said...

The TV newsmen/newspeople? were there for our eldest's first day of kindergarten (about 11 years ago). They aired footage of her Dad carrying her into the school, with her face looking over his shoulder as she cried big crocodile tears! Of course it was just the previous years in nursery school...she cried loudly as long as we were in hearing range, stopped as soon as we weren't, and then cried when she "had to" leave to come home.
Delaney will love it!

Shannon said...

Delaney never ever cried when I took her to pre-school. She is very ready to go back to school and asks how much longer every day! The only one who will be crying is the mama. Daddy won't even be in town (again) for her first day of "real school". *sniff*