Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 3

Wow, well, you know it's getting pretty bad when I have to use a date as a title for my post again. Not too much to report. My mother and her husband visited us from PA yesterday and part of today. Together, we watched the kids swim in the pool, played with the kids, went for dinner at Applebees and then for ice cream at a little place up the street called "Scoops". We looked around my yard at plants and I learned how to take better care of some of them (Sorry, Mom, I still have no love in my heart for azaleas), and started making plans for more of them. Today, they watched the kids while I went grocery shopping. Woo-hoo!

This afternoon while the twins slept, Delaney and I planted some "Mammoth" sunflower seeds. Hopefully we are not too late in the season to get some big flowers on them. I'll post some photos if they grow. These are BIG sunflowers. Great for birds and they make nice snacks for us as well.

We've now been able to add a Carolina Wren to our list of visitors at the seed feeder. We're still attracting 4-5 hummers a day at the hummingbird feeder...maybe more...that is just what I get a chance to see. I'm seriously thinking about getting a window feeder for winter. This is what I'd like to get but finances are tight so unless Santa buys it for us, we're going to end up with a small feeder that suctions to the window instead.

Here are a few photos from the past week...making s'mores in the backyard (over the flame in the gas grill!), playing with our new Thomas Train set, William swimming, and Delaney and Tinna dancing during Delaney's last day of Kindermusik camp.


Rose said...

That feeder is cool, Shannon. I haven't seen one of those before. I wonder if it might be more suitable for a warmer climate--will it be too drafty in the winter? Maybe not--not sure I can picture the white panel fillers and how they work. The kids would enjoy being able to fill the feeder themselves, I bet.

Shannon said...

I believe it works like a window ac unit. The panels would slide sideways to fill the space and you pull the window down to fit on top. It very well could be drafty! I haven't really thought that deeply about it, eh?! Maybe I could put weather stripping around the edges to keep some of the drafts out. And I have some "snakes" that would fit along the windowsill. I would think in a warmer climate you wouldn't get the same amount of birds because they could feed more naturally on bugs and such. Still, I like the idea of sitting and watching the birds eat right in front of me and I think the kids would love it, too!