Thursday, June 28, 2007


We're all feeling much better around here today. Delaney went to her little music camp across the street while the twins and I ran errands. After music, we've been in the habit of swimming before eating lunch. Today was no exception as the temperatures were close to 90F if not actually in the 90's.

After naps the kids went in for another swim and I noticed William was putting his face in the water while holding his kickboard. I told him to let go and try to swim but he wouldn't. I convinced him to kick his feet and blow bubbles while his face was in the water but that was about as far as he got. A bit later, Tinna got out of the pool and it was just William and Delaney playing together. He must have been feeling extra brave or maybe he had been watching Delaney for awhile now, but she said "William, do this!" and she swam away under the water. Well, it must have been just the push he needed because he put his face in and started kicking his feet and there he was going forward all on his own. I was jumping up and down and telling him "William, you're swimming all by yourself!" and he was smiling and doing it again and again...and then telling me "Mama, I swam 4 times! Mama, I swam 5 times!" SO...William is now called "Merman" by Delaney and Tinna. What I find strange is that last summer we were positive Tinna would be the first twin to swim. She was just starting to be comfortable without a floatie at the end of the season...she'd jump in and swim to us in the shallow end. William was too terrified to even remove his floatie. Now their roles have almost reversed. Tinna won't put her face in any longer and is more comfortable with a ring around her waist while splashing around.

Rain is in the forecast for the next two days so I'll try to upload some new photos if I get a chance.

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