Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Great Plum Stone Experiment

I have two little plum stones sitting here on a plate...Delaney wants to plant them to see if we can grow plum trees. I did about 5 minutes of research into it and it looks like something we *might* be able to do. So, now we begin the great plum stone experiment. Too bad for the kids that these stones take 5-7 years to produce fruit...IF they manage to grow into a tree at'll see. The first part of the process is cleaning the stones, putting them into a soil mix and then into the refrigerator for about 8 weeks. A little more involved than I thought...I was hoping for some dirt in a pot in the backyard!

Henry got his stitches out today. No more e-collar for him. No more doggie banging around at night trying to get comfortable which translates into no more doggie waking up the mama! Yay! He does have to go back to the vet on Tuesday for a blood test to check for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever since he had a ton of tick bites 3 weeks ago. I'm also watching William for fever as I just pulled a tick out of his scalp two nights ago, too. Apparently this has been a very bad tick season in VA...just in time for us. Just like the hurricanes when we moved to FL. 3 big ones our first summer. Are we the born loser family??? Are we related to Eyore with little black rain clouds following us? I truly don't think so, but it is comical how natural phenomena tend to happen when we are around. Maybe we'll be blessed with one hell of a snow storm this winter!!! (However, I really shouldn't have even said that because if I wish for it, it just doesn't happen for me.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon - I've been reading along and keeping up with you guys via your blog. Sorry I've been out of touch! I'm glad that you're back on the East Coast! I'd love to catch you have an email address? Let me know. Take care!

Holly Cieri