Sunday, June 24, 2007


Just a few words to update everyone. Not too much is new here...still unpacking, arranging, sorting, etc. The movers came yesterday and removed the majority of empty boxes so that has cleared up a LOT of space in the front room for us. Today Steve managed to find the box (on the first try!) with shelf brackets and we'll soon be finished with the girls' room. Once that is done, the last box will be out of the hallway! Yippee!!! Most of what is left is upstairs in the FROG/attic and that is just going to take awhile. Months, probably. I most likely won't speak much of it unless there is some great discovery or "Ah-ha!" moment. (highly doubtful)

Henry is doing fine. He is back to his waggy self despite his new "E-collar". Thursday, as I sat waiting for Dish Network to arrive, I heard Henry licking. When I got to him, I saw that he had licked a few stitches open and was bleeding. I left a note for the Dish man and rushed Henry and kids into the car. The docs agreed to keep him at the clinic so I wouldn't have to wait and miss my appointment. When I picked up Hank at 5:30, the docs had stapled his wound closed and he was now sporting a big white collar to prevent him licking himself open again. Sheesh! They could have prevented it from the beginning and I said as much when I paid the $100+ vet bill. I was informed that they "didn't think he could reach that area". C'mon, my dog's biggest hobby is licking his butt, of COURSE he can reach that far! SO...anyway...Henry is fine and happy, just a bit annoyed by the plastic thing around his neck. We are still waiting for lab results on the tumor/growth. I just hope it isn't cancer but we'll deal with what it is when we know.

Delaney also had a doctor appointment this week for a school physical and shots. Our appointment was for 11:40, so I arrived promptly at 11:30. The doctor kept us waiting until almost 2:00! The kids did a wonderful job waiting and Delaney was such a brave girl she didn't cry a tear or scream or do any of the horrible things I thought she'd do when it came time to get the jabs. I was very annoyed at the doctor, tried to be pleasant, but really, if you are running 2 or 3 hours behind then you need to consider rescheduling your patients. Ridiculous. I'm going to try one more time at this place and if it is the same way again, I'm changing providers.

Oh! I almost forgot...we've had a few birds at the feeder in the past two days. A pair of gold finches and a black-capped chickadee (I think). The hummingbird feeder has been busiest with me noticing an average or 4 or 5 birds during the day. I guess it will take time but I am glad we've finally seen some action at the seed feeder. I might invest in a "squirrel-proof" feeder for the winter. We do have a pesky fellow who hangs upside down and eats to his heart's content. The kids get mad at me when I run out and hiss at him. If Henry wasn't recovering, I'd be sending him out. He responds pretty well to "Henry, Squirrel!" and "Henry, Cat!" and maybe that's just what that old squirrel needs.

Below are photos of our new-to-us pantry. You can see our new laundry cabinets in one of the photos, too. In the shot with the doors open, notice how my bread box fits PERFECTLY in the top middle shelf area. So cool!


Liz said...

Love the storage but I really want to see pics of your soccer mom hair!

John said...

I think we all do! :-)

Shannon said...

Same old cut...just 10 inches shorter. It's at my shoulders now. Probably grayer than either of you has seen me before.