Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The case for fat bottoms...

I was in the bathroom this morning and the song "Honey Bun" from South Pacific popped into my head. A song I love and will belt out loudly if given a chance. But then I really started thinking about the lyrics...

My doll is as dainty as a sparrow,
Her figure is somethin' to applaud.
Where she's narrow she's as narrow an arrow,
And she's broad where a broad should be broad.

A hundred and one pounds of fun,
That's my little honey bun!
Get a load of honey bun tonight.

I'm speakin' of my Sweetie Pie,
Only sixty inches high,
Ev'ry inch is packed with dynamite!

Ok, here's my beef. Everyone blames Barbie or the '90's Supermodels for the state of our daughters' self-esteem today. This song was written when? In the 50's or early 60's? The girl is "as dainty as a sparrow" but "she's broad where a broad should be broad"??? How's that? "A hundred and one pounds of fun"'re talking Nicole Richie on a really fat day or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, if even they weigh that much together. How is a 101 lb girl "broad" in any sense of the word? And I'm 63 inches high but I weigh quite a bit more than 101! *I'M* broad!

I dunno, but I think Queen and Sir Mix-A-Lot get it right when they sing about fat bottomed girls. Who wants to weigh 101? I'd look like death if I weighed that.

Anyway, just more of my blabbering.

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