Saturday, April 28, 2007

More on books...

So, this is where I'm reading W. Gerry Grant chair which was purchased at the Maryland Renaissance Festival back in 2001.

I've been slacking so bad lately. My mind is truly starting to become mush. I started in on Independent People, really made a dent and was enjoying it. Then one night, I started watching Gilmore Girls DVDs and eating junk food in bed. Ugh. I've decided it's time to change my evil ways.

As an aside, the reason I decided to change my ways now is that I'm almost through Season 2 of the DVDs and I just found out that Season 7 (the one that is currently being aired) just might be the end of Lorelai and Rory. *sniff sniff* So, I need to slow down on my viewing habits.

Last night, it sort of dawned on me that I could sit in this chair and read while I'm waiting for the kids to go to sleep. You know, because they just don't want to go to sleep at night and we have to go into their rooms about 10 times until they FINALLY give up and get quiet. For the first attempt, I felt my plan worked pretty well. I read for almost 2 hours and went into my bed at 9:30 and was still able to watch an hour of Gilmore Girls before falling asleep. Cool, huh?! I think it will be the best of both worlds.

I must admit the chair is a bit cold sitting so close to that single-paned window. I have a big pelt of sheep fleece that I used to keep on it when we lived in Iceland and Florida. The fleece was purchased in Iceland, is brown, and we even had some nudies of Delaney taken on it when she was an infant. It's in a box somewhere at the moment, just waiting to come back out again when we are in our next house. I think the chair is much more comfortable with the fleece on it. Oh, and see that light? I bought it at IKEA on one of my recent visits for under $15. It's awesome because it is 2 lights in one. The big tall light and the little reading light. They switch on and off independently of each other and you can separate them, too. Perfect.

Today is Candy Day in our house. We follow the Icelandic Custom of allowing the kids candy on just one day each week. So, right now they are all sitting in front of the TV munching and being slugs. Later, we're heading out to the grocery store for some necessary ingredients for tonight's dinner. If it is yummy, I'll post info about it tomorrow.

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