Friday, March 30, 2007

We have a house...

Steve has been in VA the past 8 days or so house-hunting for us. I can now say he's been successful. I've been a bit nervous to write about it as I didn't want to jinx it. But, the contract has been made and we just need to settle on the closing date and go through the home inspection tomorrow. I'll post pictures when he gets back home. I didn't end up quite as close to my friend Tricia as I had wanted but it's within 30 miles, so hey, that's better than the distance from CA to VA!

I did purchase Stevie Nicks tickets 2 days ago. We have GREAT seats! About 20 rows back, just to the left of center stage. I had looked at the $125 tickets, and that would have put me just *11* rows in front of Stevie's face...but we decided it was probably not in our best interest to spend over $300 to go to the concert. 3 kids and a new house...we probably shouldn't be going at all. Still, life is short and the way I see it, I won't be having much fun at all once Steven leaves for the ship. So, this is our last HURRAH of sorts. Now if we can only find a babysitter. Can you believe mine is already busy?!?!

Hmmm, not much else going on. It's the week-end (almost)...tomorrow I'm taking the kids to a birthday party in the afternoon...Sunday, I think we'll just hang out at a park...Steve will be home on Sunday night (thank g-d)...then Delaney will be home for spring break all of next week. (yay. can you hear my excitement?) Monday night starts Passover and I've already warned Steven that he will have a week of odd meals.

So, that's the extent of our exciting schedule.

I forgot to say that 3 days ago the kids were colouring with markers and Tinna coloured her legs and feet and even her face. Thankfully she only used yellow on her face and it came off easily. I'll try to get some photos of that mess posted next week. It was quite comical and even though I acted angry, I had a good chuckle inside. The way I figure it, she could have put the mess on the walls, so thank goodness for small miracles.

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Rose said...

Congrats on your new home and an early welcome (back) to Virginia!

Of course I realize that is nothing compared to your excitement about the concert!

Which puts me in mind of the Eric Clapton concert that we "worked security" for (blog 10/13/06)...when he said he loved me...(I KNOW he was singing to me!)