Monday, February 05, 2007

85 Friggin degrees!

Global warming? Santa Anna's? General weather weirdness? It's 85F in Southern California today. Sunny? Yes. Beautiful? Yeah, I guess...if you like heat. Too bad the water temperatures are frigid out here. I think our pool is a balmy 56F or something. I'd love to have a nice swim to cool off. Oh well. It won't last for long. Predictions for tomorrow are 70F.

All 3 kids are sick with colds...again. I'm quite tired of sick kids. They are grumpy and mean...not just to each other but to me . Delaney was up at 1:30 this morning crying because she had a nightmare and a stomach ache. Nightmares usually plague her when she is ill. I always know a few days ahead that she will soon be sick because she starts having bad dreams. Strange, isn't it? Her little body already knows the illness is on it's way. Anyway, I kept her home from school today. Hopefully she will be fit enough to go tomorrow.

We were busy over the week-end. On Saturday we went to the Fleet Science Museum in Balboa Park. It's nice, lots to see and do. There is a great area on the 2nd floor just for children ages 6 and under. Our kids spent a few hours playing in there. We also saw an IMAX movie about coral reefs and how to protect them. Beautiful. But I got motion sick. The slightest odd movement can set it off. I hate it. Still, the movie was wonderful and I'm glad I got to see it. After the movie, we had a picnic lunch in the children's park. Then back up to the museum for more playing.

Yesterday was spent anxiously waiting to see Stevie Nicks on TV before the Superbowl. I was so disappointed that they only showed her performing *1* song. I mean, really...I have waited for MONTHS for this day and there was 1 song. What a bummer. We kept the game on...not that we watched it...we played the game "Trouble" with Delaney while the twins slept...Steve worked on some of his school work. Later, when the babies got up, we all had some Superbowl food - chips with cheese and salsa. Yumm. We haven't had that in years. Beer for the parents. Our own mini-Superbowl party. Heather and Emilio didn't come down because of the snot factor going on in our house. Again, bummer, but that's life.

I'm ready for this week to be over. My friend Sue is coming out to see us next week. Yay! We have lots of fun things planned for her and I think it will be quite nice.

Here are some photos from our day on Saturday...

Playing with a vacuum tube in the science center.

Making music!

Grocer Delaney.

Tinna's helpful with gathering baskets.

Is this a foreshadow of what will come only too soon in the future?

Wills in his new shirt "I do all my own stunts"

The twins in bed this morning after being told to "read a book and be QUIET!"

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Anonymous said...

You can complain all you want about 85 degrees but I'll take that over the 0.7 degrees yesterday and today's high of 15 degrees. What a heat wave. That doesn't factor in the wind chill>>>Snow expected tonight*****Almanac says this is the big one for the year*****
Dad says,"bring your hot butt home or send money for fuel oil...."
Kids are beautiful....
Love, Kathy and Dad