Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stabbed in the heart...

We were tucking Delaney into bed the other night...Steven kissed her and walked away...Delaney wiped her face. I said "What are you doing?" She told me she was wiping off Daddy's kiss because she doesn't like his kisses. This is a well known fact (he's a bit of a sloppy kisser), every night he has to fight her for more than a hug. At first it was disappointing but now we take it as a fact of life and it's become his game to try to get a kiss from her. I said to her "I bet you wipe off my kisses, too, huh?" Much to my surprise, she replied with "Only at school." OUCH! My daughter, not yet 5, is already wiping away my kisses! I pretended to be very sad and she said "But Mommy, I still love you. I like your kisses when I'm at home. But the boys at school don't like kisses so I have to wipe them away." Peer pressure, too! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Not much going on here. The twins are still sick so we are skipping playgroup today. I think they are well enough to go out...maybe Wal-Mart...I have a few supplies I need to make the Valentine's for Delaney's teachers...but I don't want to be known as the mother who brings her sick kids to playgroup and spreads the illness to all the other kids. So, we'll give it a miss this week.

I need to add a retraction to an earlier post. My friend, Sue, is NOT coming to San Diego this week-end. Senility has set in. She'll be here to visit me in March. I don't know how I got it confused...but I did. It's hell to get old.

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