Friday, January 05, 2007

Update and apologies

We got home from Disney last night around 11. All five of us are exhausted today. Delaney is coming down with a cold and my stomach is in turmoil. Not sure if it was something I ate at Denny's last night after we left Disneyland or if it is some kind of yucky virus. I'm miserable. Thankfully, Steve decided to stay home from college today and has been taking care of the kids so I can just be in bed.

The babies are now off their pacifiers. We forgot to take them with us to one cried...everyone slept (mostly) through the night. When we got home last night, I ran inside ahead of everyone and put all of the pacis in a bag. Tinna has asked for hers three times but seems to be resigning to the fact that she is now a "big girl" and has received multiple rewards for doing this most horrible thing. I thought William would be the difficult one but he seems to have accepted that this is just part of life. Yay!

So, I'll post the Disney photos and stories tomorrow if I feel better. I'm off to sleep...again...

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