Tuesday, January 02, 2007

EE - Spoiler Alert* & Addendum

*Sharon, you might not want to read this post.

So...yesterday was spent taking down all of the Christmas decorations...and man, were there ever a ton of them! It took us from 10 in the morning until about 2 in the afternoon to get it all removed and packed up. The house looks a bit empty now and I must say I'm just a little bit sad to see it all gone. The smell from the tree no longer lingers in the room and there are no pretty twinkling lights at night now.

Oh well.

While we were removing decorations, we DID have the Penn State game on TV. Not that I saw much of it between the kids screaming and needing to be fed and fighting and everything else we were doing in the house. But I **do** know they won. I know that ESPN didn't even interview JoePa but switched over immediately to a basketball game and I was disappointed in that fact. I've already received nasty comments this morning about being a "wimpy, half-assed fan" because I haven't blogged about the game already. Maybe I AM a wimpy fan. I really didn't feel the need to say something that was already out there for the world to know! (And honestly, the thought never crossed my mind...I was just too busy yesterday...blah blah blah) So, there you go Auntie Lori. I've blogged about Penn State scromping Tennesee in the Outback Bowl.

Now, onto bigger and even more important blogging news. What could be more important than Penn State you might ask. EastEnders! WOW. Here in the US, we are about 4 weeks behind what the Brits and Europeans are viewing. We see new episodes on Sunday nights (Dish Network) for 2 hours. As this past Sunday night happened to be New Year's and we were just a tad too overbooked to watch it, we had the show saved on the DVR and were finally able to view it last night. Pauline Fowler is going to die. Yes, folks, it has been confirmed (already to the rest of the world, just last night to me via BBC and other various interviews I was able to find online) that Wendy Richard has LEFT EastEnders after 22 years. One of two remaining original cast members, she will be exiting the show in a dramatic and tragic way. I know how it will go down and I'm so very sad it's coming. There is utter disbelief and denial occuring in this house today. Many of you will know Wendy Richard from her role as Shirley Brahms on the classic BritCom Are You Being Served? I am in deep depression and mourning, so no phone calls, please.

There's nothing to cure depression like a visit to the "Happiest Place on Earth" so we are off on a jaunt to Disneyland this week. The kiddies are all kinds of excited, jumping up and down, running in circles and chasing their tails...all because of M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E and Pincesses. So, The Wiltin Rose will be returning to you again on Friday, hopefully with lots of new fodder for blogs and some photos, too!

Addendum: I forgot to say...to Sue...per our conversation yesterday...I did, in fact, have sauerkraut last night for dinner. We turned the corned beef into Reuben sandwiches. So, while the pork portion of PA Dutch New Year's tradition might be lacking, I made up for it in my own small way. Hopefully the flow of good luck will continue to hold this year!

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Liz said...

Just want you to see I'm already checking for Disney pics! Hope you all had a great time.