Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Merry Christmas to those of you I haven't been able to wish it to. It's been a wee bit crazy around my house the past 3 days. Sunday found us at a big do at Steve's cousin Donnie's house, then home around 9pm to get kids in bed and start piling the gifts under the tree and putting together a Lego table (thank you G'ma and G'pa NY) until 12:30...finally in bed only to have the bairns up at 6:40 to see what Santa brought for them. Phew. Enough Already. G'ma TX was here, thank god for her...she entertained the kids all day and helped us prepare for OUR big do on Christmas night. 10 adults, 6 children...WAAAAAAY too much food. But I think people had fun as we had guests from 4:30 until about 10pm! I thought yesterday would be relaxing but it wasn't really since we still had a great deal of cleanup to do. There are STILL toys everywhere and it's what, Wednesday??? At least the dinner dishes from Monday are finished. =)

This Christmas has made me realize how very fortunate I am in my life. I've had two friends tell me of very serious tragedies in theirs. One of my long-time friend's husband had a cerebral hemmorage at the end of November and is beginning to recover but it sounds as if it will take a very long time. Another friend's son and his girlfriend and their baby lost everything in a fire at the middle of December. I'm in CA, these friends are far away from me and I feel so helpless. To everyone reading this blog, I wish you much health and a happy but quiet and peaceful New Year.

I'm too tired to upload photos right now. I need a few hours of quiet and stillness. (I have 3 children under you think I will get it?!?!) My husband has a research paper to re-write so, unexpectedly, it is back to the grind for all of us today. Still, this is what we came here to do and for that, I'm thankful.

Oh, yes, the weather and the wager I made a few days ago. Temps in San Diego hit 82F on Christmas Day. I told you so!

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