Thursday, December 28, 2006

New bedding

Every now and then a girl just needs a new look. Especially after Christmas on a cold blustery evening after a cold blustery day. The place to be on those occasions is in BED. Here's my new bedding, courtesy of IKEA. Yes, the love affair continues. I've been scoping this set for a month or more and it's finally become mine. Beautiful!

Up close...pattern of stars...the actual color is red wine.

Distance shot. bedding. Yay! I guess I could have steamed out the creases before taking the photo but I was too excited.

We ended up at IKEA last night because I didn't feel like cooking AND I got the "twice a year sale" flyer in the mail yesterday. In addition to the sale, hot dogs were supposed to be .50 at the Bistro. The kids decided they didn't want hot dogs (of course) so we ended up upstairs at the restaurant. In total, our meal cost us about $8 less than it would have if we had eaten at McDonalds and it was healthier. It consisted of a fountain drink, swedish meatballs, boiled red potatoes, lingonberry sauce with choice of a salad or soup and a bun. Yummm. Adults $5.99, kids $1.99.


Aunt Lori said...

Nice new "love nest". Silk? Do you have to drink red wine prior to sleeping in bedding of the same color?...just asking!

Shannon said...

100% cotton. And about the, but it helps!!!