Wednesday, November 01, 2006


"Trick or treat...smell my feet...give me something good to eat. If you don't, I won't care 'cause I'll pull down your underwear!!!"

I never heard that complete rhyme until last night when I was filled in by Lexi, age 6. Apparently that is the hot saying right now. =)

The kids had a BLAST yesterday. We started the day with a halloween party at the Healthy Start office where we go for weekly playgroups. There were a few games and crafts then on to trick-or-treating at nearby offices. By lunchtime the twins had each eaten at least 5 pieces of candy. Delaney came home from school with a bag full of it and ate all afternoon. I put away a few M&M's myself, and felt sick by the time we were heading over to Della's (next door) for the pre trick-or-treating party. After games, pizza, and cookies it was time to hit the streets. We started going door-to-door around 6:30 and didn't get home until 7:45! We saw lots of spooky sights in the neighborhood...even a haunted house. Below are some photos from our day and evening.

William & Tinna at playgroup

Our friends, Nate & Isabel. Nate is a box of popcorn and Isabel is Betsy Ross

Delaney takes a bubble bath to prepare herself for the evening ahead!

William and Bella riding cars before heading out to trick-or-treat

LET'S GO!!!!!!!!

Tinna & Emilio

And finally...look at all of this candy!

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