Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Party...Part Two

Below are a few photos from Saturday night's Halloween party and Sunday's trip to Legoland.

Steve's classmate Kathy and her boyfriend, FlavaFlav

Scott feeding the horse, Oz, an apple



There are some people you meet in life and bond with instantly. The hosts of Saturday night's party, Eric and Missy are two of those people. Originally from OH, they graduated HS in 1987 so are only a year older than me. I totally got their costumes, having grown up in a rural area (as did they). They really make me laugh and I enjoy their company.

This photo just makes me want to yell "Wayne's World, Wayne's World!"

More Legoland photos...

Sir William and the Legoland knight.


Delaney putting her hand in something yucky.



And finally...the elusive Witch from Hansel & Gretel!

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Helena Rós Friðþórsdóttir said...

Oh the kids all look so beautiful!
It's great seeing some photos of them. I hope you're al well!
With love from Iceland