Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I had to stop for money at the ATM this morning when I took Delaney to school. I handed her the money when I got back in the car with the instructions "Hold on tight to this. I need it to pay for your school this week."

As we were pulling into the parking space at school Delaney says...

"Mommy! NOW I know what God looks like!"

Me: "What baby?"

Delaney: "He's on the money!"

Me: "No, baby, that's George Washington."

Delaney, disappointed: "Oh."

She has been talking so much about God lately, where is he, what does he look like, etc. Sometimes, she'll start her conversations with "Ok, I'm going to talk about God now" and will proceed to tell me how he goes into space on a rocket or some other similar scenario. I thought this conversation was too cute. She was really convinced that God was on our money. What a sweetie.


Anonymous said...

Some people worship money as though it is God

Shannon said...

It actually crossed my mind to put that idea in my post! In the end, I decided against it as I was short on time.