Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You know you are tired when...

Last night was a difficult night for me. I watched Gilmore Girls around 8:30, then I tried to settle in to read Wicked: the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West. By 10 or so, I was nodding off so I gave up the reading and switched off the light. Awhile later, I started waking up and wondering why Steven turned my fan off, I heard William start to cry and I also heard Steven rattling the dog's leash...all at the same time. I got up to check William...there were no lights on in the house...I couldn't see my clock. Power outage. Darn! I think William woke up because his fan kicked off, same as me. Turns out it was only 11 when this occured. Since I'd had a 45 minute nap, my body was ready to wake up again. The power came back on around 12:30...just as I was falling asleep again. Steven was dead to the world (why are men like that? A bomb could go off outside our window and he wouldn't wake up). I got up to walk around the house and turn off all of the lights that were now on, the computer and the goofy stereo which turns itself on everytime it looses power. With the fan back on, I was able to finally crash, but only until 5:40 when I heard William bang against the wall. With my alarm set for 6, I figured I might as well not even try to go back to sleep. So I didn't.

Yuck. I hate those kinds of nights.

I was driving down the road today and I saw some men working along the side. Wow, they have a horse there (or so I thought). Then I got closer and I thought "Oh, it's not a horse, it's a unicorn with tan colored mane and tail. Weird." Then I thought "Holy Shit. A UNICORN?!?!?" And I had to look again. It wasn't really a unicorn, it was me, hallucinating from sleep deprivation! The men were actually cutting brush/weeds and had covered them with a white tarp of some kind. What I thought was mane, tail, and HORN turned out to be weeds that weren't under the tarp. Thank g-d I kept that one to myself and didn't get the kids all excited. "Look kids, Mommy sees a unicorn over there!" They really would have wondered about me this time.

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