Friday, October 06, 2006

A few new photos...

Here are a few new photos. One of Barney at the table. I took it on the evening of the day I saw the Unicorn. I KNOW I've watched too many Barney movies in the past 4 years...when I saw it sitting there I wondered (and was a little frightened) if he might come alive when I left the room...just like in the movies. Ewwww. Evil Barney.

The other photo is of Tinna and Delaney on a trike. Tinna is doing all the work. I have to wonder, is Delaney smart or lazy? ;-)

I had a girls night out last night. I haven't had one of those in forever. Heather (down the street) invited me to go out for dinner with her and another girl, Kristin. I was a little nervous, I've only been around Heather a few times and had never met Kristin before, etc. We didn't leave until 7pm and I was ready for bed at that point. I *knew* it would all be cool when I found out Kristin is a DeadHead from Allentown, PA! We went to a fondue place and had a nice, relaxing, child-free evening. It was sooo worth staying up for! There are now plans in the works for a wine tasting evening next month.

Not much on tap for today. Vacuuming, picking up, blah blah blah. I'm not psyched about it in the least but it is disgusting in here so it needs to be done. I might be taking the kids to IKEA tomorrow (yay! IKEA!). The San Diego store is celebrating its 6th birthday and there are all kinds of prizes being given away, specials in the store, and crafts and a bounce house for the kiddies.

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