Sunday, October 29, 2006

We love Legoland!

Yesireeee...we LOVE Legoland, CA! Got on the road this morning around 9:45...the park opened at 10 today so we were a little late in our start. Luckily, we had that extra hour from Daylight Savings time...we got up to Legoland at 11, rode the Dinosaur roller coaster then headed over to the "Enchanted Path" for "brick-or-treat"...or...trick-or-treating Legoland style. Very fun. The kids were dressed in their costumes and went from booth to booth saying "trick-or-treat" before any goodies were given to them. From what I can remember, they received a commemorative Halloween Lego block (Shannon is thinking: "Don't play with them, they'll be worth something someday!"), Lego magazines, Pixy Sticks, trading cards (not sure what these are all about), and an apple. After that, we rode a few more rides, went out to the car to have our lunch (that saved a TON of money!) and back in for more rides before the park closed at 5pm. Some of you may remember from one of my early Legoland posts that we rode the "Fairytale Brook" ride about 8 times IN A ROW on one of our visits., we only had to ride it TWICE and we FINALLY saw the witch from Hansel & Gretel!!! At any rate, the kids had a great time and are wiped out. We are all still sick and fighting this coughing crud that is going around. Didn't seem to slow the kids down one bit, though Steve and I are really struggling.

Last night Steve and I went to a Halloween party given by one of his classmates. We had a good time...didn't get home until midnight...didn't drink too much, didn't have a hangover. I have some great photos that I'll try to upload tomorrow. I was going to go as a prom queen and wear a red dress that I wore to one of the Navy Balls in Iceland but my dear husband said "that's a really cheesy idea" so I chickened out at the last minute and went (again) dressed in my Renaissaince garb. Steve says "The good thing about the first halloween party in any new location is that we can wear our Renaissance clothes and no one has seen them before" but *I* get tired of them and would soon like to dress as something different! Things will be different next year!!!

I'll close this for now with a photo taken today at Legoland. Look at the twins...NO HANDS!!! They are c-r-a-z-y. Oh yes, and I forgot to say Delaney is dressed as Cinderella, William as Superman, and Tinna as a blue princess (she will say Cinderella but it is just a generic blue princess dress, whereas Delaney's dress has a little pendant of Cinderella attached to it).

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