Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pumpkin Patch trip

Yesterday found us on a trip to the pumpkin patch with our Healthy Start playgroup. I kept Delaney home from school. For $7/child, they got: 10 minutes jumping in bounce house, 10 minutes sliding on bounce slide, pony ride, hay ride, AND a head-sized pumpkin! Each of the jumps and slides cost $3-$4 if purchased individually so I think we got a really good deal.

Below are some of the photos...

I love this photo of the twins.

A shot for Grammy to show off the new shirts!

Laney, who also found 2 strawberries to eat!

A shot of the landscape surrounding the pumpkin patch. All I could think of was the Stevie Nicks song "Landslide" and hoped we got out of there before there actually was one!

Steve finishes up his midterms today (thank g-d) and I hope to get the house cleaned up tomorrow so our week-end is FREE. Not sure what is on for Saturday but Sunday we are heading up to Legoland for "Brick-or-Treat". Tuesday is going to be hugely busy with parties in the morning AND afternoon and actual trick-or-treating Tuesday night. Stay tuned...

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