Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's been quiet around here...

As the title says, it's been quiet around here. Well...as quiet as it can be with 3 little ones running around screaming and fighting. The week-end didn't see much action since Steve is in the middle of a study/research crunch again. Sunday we went down to our neighbor's (Heather & Rick) house for a cook-out. Yummy! They are awesome cooks. I took along a bottle of wine. Debbie & Steve (across the street from Heather & Rick) came over with a bottle, too. We all had fun. The kids cedrtainly enjoyed themselves and didn't want to come home at 9:30 when all of the adults were wiped out. Anyway, both bottles of wine were polished off, although I only drank 3 glasses (I think Debbie had the rest because everyone else was drinking beer!) Wow. I paid dearly all day yesterday. I'm definitely not in college any longer.

Today is grocery day. My worst day of the week. I started going up to Miramar (Marine base) about 3 weeks ago. My grocery bills have been halved, which is nice, but there is something about that store that just make the twins WILD. They hit, they bite, they scream. I have become one of "those" moms now. I never thought it would happen to me. I always thought I'd be able to keep my kids in line but in that store, they just will NOT listen to me no matter what I say or do. I take snacks, I take treats. After the food is gone, it's madness. Needless to say, I'm really not looking forward to leaving here in 30 minutes.

Who knows what the rest of the week will bring. I don't have any plans. I'm sure we'll be spending time at the parks. I think the temps are dropping down to the mid-60's at the end of the week. Good walking weather!

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