Thursday, September 14, 2006


How I love you, IKEA. I sing my anthem loudly. Wait...I just remembered...I didn't sing while walking through IKEA today. STOP! Hey! Seriously, I *just* now (1:55 pm)realized that they weren't playing ABBA at 9:30 am this morning. I was robbed of my complete IKEA experience. I have to go call the manager and see if I can get some kind of discount on my next trip...they owe me SOMETHING. I love ABBA!!!

"Dancing Queen"

Anyway, yes, IKEA. We went today in search (well, me in search, husband and kids just along for the boredom ride) of duvets for the babies. It is getting COLD here at night and their little fleece blankets are just not cutting it. Yes, the kids have quilts that were made by grandma and by friends but who wants to get pee or poop on those? Or vomit. Sometimes they are known to awake at night and barf with no warning. Yuck. Anyway...IKEA. Went for duvets...found matching covers that are so *very* cute. Striped, bold, multi-colors with animals. Red for Tinna, blue for William...just like everything else in their lives. Sooo cute. Leave it to the Swedes. We went looking for the actual comforters and they were out of the $14.99 ones. I didn't want the $19.99 ones so we were prepared to come back in a few know, the salesperson said they'd be in stock at that time. On our way to the check-out, I stopped by the "AS IS" area...always have to look there as you never know what you will find. And I love a bargain. Lo and behold...TWO (2) down "Mysa Dimma" comforters waiting for me for $14.95 each! We couldn't find anything wrong with them to make them be "AS IS". One lady said "Sometimes these are just overstocks that they couldn't get rid of." She stops by every week and her cart today was jam packed with stuff! SO, WOW...DOWN...$14.95. The hubby asked "Is that good?" Is that good? Ummm...YES!!! When I got home I looked this up on the internet to show him how much money I "saved" him...these comforters retail for $55.00! EACH. Cha-ching! The IKEA goddess was on my side today!

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