Thursday, September 14, 2006

Everyone does it...

Aunt Lori did it to Barbie dolls. I did it when I was 5 or 6. April Ross did it when we were in 6th grade. Delaney Rose did it on September 14, 2006. What is it? Can you tell by the photo?


Yep. Finally, the truth is out. I'm a BAD MOM. I was actually sitting here doing some work and she was cutting paper with scissors on the floor beside me. She disappeared for, seriously, 30 seconds. I thought she had gone to the bathroom to pee. I guess she went there...but not to pee...only to cut a chunk of her hair. She couldn't resist. After the Pocahontas dress incident 2 years ago, I swore she would not use scissors again until she was "old enough". I learned today, she is STILL not old enough! This isn't too bad. When April Ross cut her hair, it was BUTCHERED. At least this is of a length that lends itself well to a decent trim!

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