Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why Americans are FAT

"got milk? get OREO" I rest my case. An Oreo cookie ad on a gallon of 2% milk. Give me a break. Obesity will never go away if we continue to ignore shit like this. Our children are the first generation in history who will not live longer lives than the generation before them. It's a very sad situation we've gotten ourselves into. I just read this week that Europeans are now breaking obesity records as well. Is it the fault of American capitalists? McDonald's and other fast food chains? Is it that we are richer and lazier than ever before? Is it some kind of pollution in the air that we just don't know about? Is the government secretly poisoning us with a fat retaining potion? Or just a simple crappy diet combined with the information superhighway, TV, and video games? I wasn't skinny as a child but I wasn't obese, either. I hope I can keep this from affecting my children. I'm sure going to try like hell!

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