Thursday, September 28, 2006

Forget diamonds...

DRUSY is a girl's best friend!!!

Every now and then I do a search on ebay for "Iceland"...just to see what I find that is interesting. Sometimes I hit an old postcard worth having or a book I don't already own or maybe some memorabilia from the NATO base. WELL...a week and a half ago, I searched "Iceland" out of boredom and lo and behold..."Iceland Druzy" caught my attention. What is druzy/drusy? Below is a definition I found on Google.

Druse is the mineralogical term for a coating of very small crystals which occurs occasionally in the geological environment. When used as an adjective it is correctly spelled "drusy" as in drusy quartz. Unfortunately, the incorrect spelling (druzy) is becoming more common, but that doesn't make it correct.

Some minerals, such as quartz, commonly form druse, some never form it. It requires a mineralogical environment at the time of formation that allows hydrothermal enrichment, generally low temperature/low pressure, and not all minerals can crystallize in such an environment.

ICELANDIC DRUSY!!! Wow!! I had to have it! Shiny, sparkly, affordable...Drusy is a cheap girl's diamonds. My two pieces from ebay (Happy Anniversary to me!!!) cost my hubby less than $100. You can't find diamonds that cheap...not even at Wal-Mart! If you search Google or ebay, you'll find that drusy comes in LOADS of colors not just the aquamarine color of mine. More wow factor. I can collect for a lifetime! Christmas, birthdays, you name it. Forget diamonds, give me drusy!

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