Sunday, August 06, 2006

San Diego Renaissance Faire = BUST

We had a good time just wasn't the same as the faires back east. It was much smaller, there were almost NO activities for the wee bairns, AND the entry cost was different at the gate from what the internet site said it would be. A bit disappointed in all. We still managed to spend money. Delaney got a belt and a pouch at this faire then we bought some bells for on our belts. I got a pirate shirt for William. Whistles for all the kids. Steve and I were able to add cutlery to our set is a really neat fork and spoon carved out of olive wood (I think) and his is pewter. I bought a GREAT soup spoon and promptly lost it. GRRRRR. I am still kicking myself for not putting it in the stroller instead of having it stick out of my pouch the way I did. Thankfully, it was $5. Sure beats losing all of my cash or one of my kids. I mean, hey, let's put it in perspective. I have a brief history of this offense anyway...ask my dad about me losing things. He'll bring up civil war bullets and opal rings. DARN!!!

We did get to see a funny bawdy juggler, a danse macabre (ok, I probably spelled it incorrectly), some musicians parading around (kids loved the drums), and lots of folks wearing things that just are NOT medieval or Renaissance period, for that matter. Why is it that faires like this give people the license to wear whateverthehell they want to wear? Goths were out in full force, although there were not as many of them as in Tampa. Oh, yes, and we saw the "Queen" today. Not quite the same kind of Queen that we are used to seeing at the faires but a MAN queen...if you get my drift. He was walking around with his face covered by a fan and saying "Good day to thee. I'm the Queen." I pitied the two teenage girls who were probably forced to follow him and hold the hem of his dress and yell half-heartedly "Make way for the queen!". Very comical. My kids were soooo confused. Oh yes, and the highlight of the day...Delaney was picked to be on stage (her first acting performance!) and I think that was a big thrill for her. She got to play the greedy, evil, salesperson that sold Jack the beans in "Jack and the Beanstalk". She also got to hold a dog's leash while she was on stage...and the thing almost pulled her down twice...and it was a JackRussell, not even as big as Henry! At any rate, she said tonight that she likes being on stage but she doesn't like to wear the big hats because they fall off.

My favorite quote for the day...and SUE, I hope you are reading this because you were the FIRST person that came into my mind when I heard it...

"Drink triple. See double. Act single." We got that bit of advice from the bawdy juggler. So there you go.

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