Thursday, August 10, 2006

A photo of the little scholar

Delaney started at her new school on Monday. She says she likes it a lot. There is never a complaint at the end of the day only "Mommy, can I go again tomorrow?" Yay! Her teacher says she is very bright and as soon as there is an available spot, she will be moving into the real Pre-K room. Had to brag. Delaney did ask me today if there will soon be a day when she can sleep in. I think the 6:30 mornings are starting to get to her already! Each day it is a fight to get her up "No, mommy, the sun is too briiiiiiiight!!!!" and she pulls the covers over her head. I told her to get used to it as she will have to do this for at least 18 more years. Definitely her father's kid in that respect. Of course, the twins are wide awake sometimes as early at 5:30. That kills me. I can do 6:30 or problem...but 5:30...come on.

What have I been doing this week? Watching the twins, playing at parks, grocery shopping almost every bloody day. For some reason, our refrigerator does not keep fruits and veg fresh. SO, now I have to shop at least twice a week, but you know, it seems like each day I think of something I have forgotten or the diapers are running low, or WHATEVER, so I spend a lot of time schelpping kids to the store and trying to keep them quiet while they are there. We did try to go to pre-school story time on Tuesday. The twins are definitely not ready for that yet. They sat through 1 1/2 stories and then said "Come on Mama, walk!" So, I took them and left. No sense fighting it. The stories that the librarian picked were a little over their heads. They did better at playgroup yesterday with "Commotion in the Ocean" and naming all of the things they saw in the undersea photos.

Speaking of playgroup and books and Usborne. For some reason the words "Would you consider a bookfair" came out of my mouth without planning it and the facilitator said "Wellll, maybe not a bookfair, but we are having an expo in October and I would gladly allow you to have a table there". SO, YIPPEE, I am now signed up for an event. I'm thinking of hostessing my own home show and inviting my new neighbors and their kids. I don't think it will turn out to be anything big but I need to do SOMETHING this month to rejuvenate my business and at least submit an order to UBAH. I was doing quite well before I left FL so I really need to get motivated again.

Finally finished Njal's Saga this week. Wow. I so miss Iceland and wish I was there so I could travel around and see where all of this history happened. Someday I'll go back. Hopefully sooner rather than later. At any rate, I'm going to be starting Mark Helprin's "Winter's Tale" tonight. I'll keep you posted...

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