Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ok, so maybe I'm becoming a once-a-week blogger. There are less interesting things going on in my life than I originally thought! Perhaps because the move is over and we're here in San Diego now...who knows. Anyway, here is this week's update. Photo of "Lucky" in his/her new home...our turtle tank!

I took the kids up to Camp Pendleton yesterday to see Merna and her b/g twins who just turned 6. She had a bowling party for them to celebrate. My kids had a great time...despite me chasing after them and stressing because there was too much excitement to eat properly, and they were running around like maniacs (YES, HEIDI, I **KNOW** I NEED TO RELAX!!!) and bad things happening, like William getting his hand smashed between the ball and the ball return. OUCH! At any rate, it was wonderful to see Merna again. She looks beautiful and the kids are so big now! It was a long drive for me...about 1 hour to get there...on a big highway ("The 5"...what is it with Californian's calling routes by "The" and then the number? Back east, we'd never say "The 81" or "The 95")...this was probably the longest amount of driving I've done since we left DC in 2001. Pitiful. Me, the girl who used to drive from Lock Haven, PA to Chicago, IL only stopping to get a snack and a quick pee all by herself!!! I hang my head with shame. Today, I'm wiped out. Ok, the wiped out might be because I stayed up until midnight reading and then watching National Lampoon's Vacation. Ugh. More shame.

Today...more RAIN! Steve just took down one of the tarps over the yard sale leftovers yesterday (at my prompting, of course!). I thought the rain was over. I looked at the weather report and it looked like beautiful skies for the next 10 days. I woke up around 7am today and looked out the window. ARRGH!!! RAIN!!! Why can I not get a break here??? SO, now we have wet yard sale leftovers to try to dry and get rid of somehow. might be the answer this time. Even the leftover moving boxes are soaked so I cannot pack the stuff away.

People here seem very friendly. Much friendlier than FL. Is it the climate change? I met some nice folks in FL, don't get me wrong, but NO ONE in our neighborhood went out of their way to say hello to us or introduce themselves until we had been there about 6 months. We never really felt as if we fit in. Here, every neighbor has come over to our house and said "Hi, I'm so-and-so, and I just live right there." Two days ago, our next door neighbor, Della, brought flowers to me! Can you imagine? How very, very nice! It wasn't a dinky little bouquet, either! Another nice thing about CA...everyone is our age! It's like living in GenX-ville. I love it!

I think that is about all for now. I have a mountain of laundry to do and some other housework. No park for us today, maybe no swimming either. We have the Renaissance Faire this week-end. I cannot wait!!! The original one in the USA, we feel very lucky to be able to attend. Will have photos uploaded next week most likely.

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