Friday, August 18, 2006

It's been quiet here

Not much to report this week. It's been relatively quiet. Steve has been working away with school so I've been alone most of the time. Delaney is in school now and loving it. I have the twins in the mornings so we go shopping for groceries or to the parks. They actually get stir crazy when we have to stay at home all morning. Tinna did have a doctor appointment Tuesday...sore ear and sore cootchie...she got meds for both and is feeling much better. Still working on potty training. She doesn't quite get the idea of pulling down her "big girl pants" yet but she is trying very hard to make things work. William still needs to be naked for success. I will be glad when it is all done and dusted...that will be **at least** an extra $60/month in our pockets!!! (you figure now I use a minimum of 2 swim diapers/day whereas in FL I could go on an entire pack for months at a time!)

It looks like we will have a quiet week-end. I have no plans to leave the house tomorrow (Sat)...I'm beat this week. I might take the kids to the Farmer's Market on Sunday afternoon. I think Steve has finals to study for anyway. Not sure. I might spend some time baking if the kids are behaving.

I met a woman at the park yesterday who spent the last 3 years in Japan. She says it is a GREAT tour with good COLA (cost of living allowance) and she and her husband would go back in a heartbeat. It was nice to chat with her and now I feel a little more positive about it just in case we get stationed there. I'm still pulling for Norfolk...I really want to buy a house and try to settle down for a few years...but I'm also trying to keep an open mind to whatever comes my way next.

So, that's all from the west coast today. Enjoy the week-end.

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