Sunday, July 30, 2006

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Again, I am in love. A few weeks ago it was I haven't given up on them, oh no no no, but I'm on a different love kick now. IKEA. I have been here in San Diego about 1 month now and I think we've been to that store 4 times. I feel blissfully happy the moment I walk in the door. The smells, the sights, the sound of ABBA playing in the background...heaven. I sing the entire time I am there. The kids play. We are all (well, most of us, probably not Steve in all honesty) happy. Some people were canvassing our neighborhood three or four days ago, dropping off brand new IKEA catalogs. I read mine cover to cover the first night I had it. I turned corners of pages. We had our yard sale on Saturday and sold about $300 of junk. At the last minute, I grabbed up the bench that we had inside our door...if I could sell this, I could convince hubby to buy me the LEKSVIK shoe is a bench to sit on and it also has cubby holes for **8** pairs of adult shoes.
Think of it, no more shoes just kicked off and thrown everywhere at the front door! (For those of you who don't know, we take our shoes off at the door...a custom we picked up in Iceland and really enjoy as it keeps the carpet cleaner longer) Well, we did manage to sell that bench for $40...better than I even imagined it would go for! Next on the list is the FUSION kitchen table.
It is very interesting and very comfortable. I can picture the kids sitting around it doing homework while I cook...or me sitting around it with a girlfriend or two and sharing coffee while we chat. I love it! I am utterly addicted to the IKEA way of life. I might have to get a job to support my habit!

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Jim C said...

That's what IKEA was like when the first came to the Northeast some twenty years ago. We even bought our first set of living roon furniture there (and it DID last a good long time - we just got rid of it this year) But, sadly, the IKEAs here are more like Unclaimed Freight these days. Not well kept or run anymore. Hope the west coast fairs better over the long haul.