Monday, August 28, 2006

Not quite my day!

Where to start? Today just wasn't quite my day. We stayed waaaayyyy too late at Legoland yesterday...the kids didn't get into bed until almost 10pm last night. Delaney was up once last night needing to blow her nose or something, I cannot even remember now. I think that was 12:45 or 2:45...I'm blind at night and lately exhausted, so again, who knows. She was up for good this morning around 7. I thought for sure everyone would sleep in. Nope.

SO, I got up, had some desparately needed coffee and started to get to work on UBAH stuff. (UBAH = Usborne Books at Home) I had a show scheduled here at my house for 4pm. No sweat, or so I thought. I could start printing lables and specials in the morning and then run over my presentation when the kids were napping. Steve went to the store to get a chicken around 10 since we had decided we'd smoke a chicken for dinner.

Around 11:30, I was putting my contact lenses in so I could have a quick work-out/swim with the kids and I hear Steven yelling "Shannon, come here. I need your help." Not just once but over and over. Ugh. I go running then I hear him yell "Get a towel! Hurry!" Double ugh. I look out the screen door to see what is up and I find him holding his foot and something (not water) dripping about as fast as it can drip without being considered a pour! He had attempted to kick a ball into the water to William but he kicked the edge of the pool instead. It must have hit him at just the right angle because he sliced open the area at the ball of his foot just under his toes. OUCH.

Now I'm in panic mode...we don't even know where the local hospital is located. ARE WE PARENTS??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH US???? So, I start yelling at the kids to get clothes/panties/shoes on and I go running to the neighbors to see where the local hospital is. I tried 3 different one home! ARRGH!!! I finally ended up 2 houses down at Heather's. Her husband offered to lead the way to the hospital...very nice of him. I ran back to the house to get everyone in the car...Steven was already in there buckling seat belts. I ran inside to pee and when I came back out, Heather was there saying "You two go, I'm staying with the kids." In every situation where I've ever been desparate, there is an angel watching over me. How very, very kind of her. So, we got the kids out of the car, took them back in, and Heather stayed at home with them. (Accompanied by her friend and another neighbor, Debbie) Heather is a teacher so I felt perfectly comfortable leaving my kids with her. She also has a 2 year old named Emilio.

At any rate, we were at the hospital until about 2:30. Got home at 3pm. Of course, I forgot to take any of my UBAH notes with me and I still had all of the printing to do, set up the books, tidy the house, nu nu (for those of you unfamiliar with TeleTubbies, a nu nu is a vacuum), etc. ARRRRRRRGH. I had 3 guests show right around 4pm and I felt so out of it that I did a perfectly horrible presentation. The thought crossed my mind to cancel and perhaps, in this instance, maybe that would have been the best thing to do. The verdict is still out on that one.

The kids all played and everyone went home around 6 or so. I fed my kids some chicken, gave them baths and put them all in bed. Delaney is getting a cold. I feel one coming on. Time for the TriMune. Please don't let me get sick this week. Especially now that I have to take on role as primary dog walker for the next two weeks. Ugh.

So, that was my Sunday. It's 9:30, I'm heading out the door to walk the dog, and then, I'm going to watch EastEnders and hopefully, to sleep a long peaceful sleep. (Won't happen, have to be up at 6 to get Laney ready for school.) When will it be MY turn to have a lie in??????

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