Thursday, August 24, 2006

Legoland, CA

Wheeeee! We love Legoland!

Steve had no classes this week so we decided to (finally) do something fun and touristy here in CA. We took the kids to Legoland. What a great place! It is expensive to get in...almost as bad as Disney...but being military we got a good deal on tickets through MWR. We were a bit disappointed, however, when the kids wanted to do the "Dinosaur Dig" and Legoland wanted us to pay $3 to rent a bucket and shovel. Give me a break. We can dig in the sand at the park for free! Food was highly expensive (of course). A slice of cheese pizza was $5 for children but you could add on a drink for only $1.95 more. Rip off.

So, enough kvetching about the prices...the park is GREAT fun and rides are geared toward toddlers and pre-schoolers. There was only 1 ride that the twins could not go on. Lots of kid-size roller coasters, and cars/boats to drive, "horses" to ride, and things that go in the air...all the things kids love at amusement parks but sometimes are too small for. In addition to the rides, there is a great splash area. We thought our kids would want to go there but no one wanted to get wet for some reason. It was HOT, too, so we were really surprised with the lack of interest in water play. I guess having your own pool takes all the fun out of it or something?! Another interesting thing about Legoland is all of the creatures, characters, and buildings you see made out of Legos. There is an entire part of the park called "MiniLand"...small replicas of cities...New York City, New Orleans, and even Washington DC...all fashioned from Legos. Very cool.

We are heading back to Legoland again on Saturday since it is only 30 minutes from our house. There were a few rides we did not wait for and would still like to try...they really need to consider adding "FastPass" like makes things so much nicer for the little ones. Also, our tickets turned out to be 2 day passes when used within 7 days. Fun, fun!

On a different note, I turn now to Shakespeare. I read today in Renaissance magazine that new studies show Shakespeare might have died from cancer. Cancer of the tear duct, to be exact. It is probable that he had this cancer for more than 15 years before he died. Ouch. In his honor, I offer this photograph. Me. With my man, Will.

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