Thursday, August 31, 2006


My dad and Kathy bought a tricycle for Delaney in July 2004. She didn't quite learn how to pedal until November or December of that year. Pedaling is a 3 year old skill and she was just under 2.5 when they gave it to her. Two days ago, I pulled out the twins' tricycles just to see what they would do. William could *almost* pedal but wasn't quite there, Tinna was nowhere near ready to ride hers. I figured another week of really working at it and William would have it. Later in the afternoon I got out Laney's trike so she wouldn't feel left out or fight with the babies. The action of her bike seemed much smoother than that of the twins. William is now pedaling away like mad. As always, he is very far advanced with large motor skills!

Delaney saw the dr yesterday for her annual check-up. She is 3 1/2 feet tall and weighs 40 pounds. Her eyesight was perfect as far as they could tell...she even did better reading the poster than I did...and I had glasses on! The nurse said "She's good to go but YOU on the other hand have to stay!" and we all started laughing. Maybe one of these days I will look into laser surgery. I don't know, though, I'm still a bit too nervous and suspicious of it.

It is starting to get cold at night now. Remember, all of you friends in Norway and Iceland, cold is a relative term! Our nights are dipping into the 60's. When I awoke this morning, our house was a cool 71. Delaney is complaining that she is too cold to get out of bed and get dressed. What will she do when we move somewhere where it is truly cold?! As for me, I love it. Bring on the cold so I can wear some sweaters!

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