Sunday, August 20, 2006

A budding entomologist???

Following in her mother's footsteps, Delaney Rose has discovered the wide world of insects. I can recall searching for caterpillars and other insects during the many summers spent at my grandparents Wolff's house. Caterpillars were my absolute favorite...until I picked up one and it made a nasty stink on my hand. I still get a thrill when I find a woolly caterpiller in the autumn. Here in CA, I thought we'd only find black widow's (spiders), crickets, and beetles. Oh yes, and moths...we have those by the hundreds. Our poor wool sweaters!!! Anyway...this week, Delaney, and now the twins, have discovered the joy of pill bugs. Also known as "rolly pollies", they curl themselves up in a little ball when touched. Above are photos of Delaney playing with one this morning before we went to the park. She is very cute about it. She will pick up the bug and whisper "Hi, my name is Delaney" and then will procede to have a complete conversation with the thing. I don't recall doing that as a child, but perhaps I did. I adored toads and salamanders, too. Anything I was able to catch and cage and watch for awhile without being bitten! Pretty cool to see my own kids doing it. We've also been making "rescues" in the pool..mainly honey bees who dive down for a drink and get stuck in the water. Yesterday we rescued a ladybug and counted her spots.

That's about all for this time but I thought I'd post the pictures. Oh yes, Tinna and William are in the beginning stages of swimming without their floatie vests on! Tinna swam from the diving board to the side of the pool tonight. (her photo below) Delaney did one of her first real dives willingly. They are all becoming great swimmers!

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