Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What is that thing?!?!

We had a bit of an interesting time Sunday afternoon. While swimming in our pool, Steven said to me "Put your goggles on and come look at this." Of course, I asked a hundred questions before I would go look..."What is it? Is it a dead bird? Is it going to freak me out? I don't trust you." Turns out, we had a crawfish (crayfish, whatever!) in our pool!!! Steve helped Delaney scoop it out and all of the kids got a kick out of looking at it. It has some really beautiful orange spots on it's big claw. After a little while, we put it in the tank with Abbie (our red ear slider turtle) where it seems to be living happily now. I spoke to Alfred, the pool guy, about it on Monday to find out if it is a common occurance, you know, to get in your pool and be swimming with a crawdad. He said he has never heard of such a thing. We have no idea where it came from since there are no streams or creeks (or "cricks", for some of you) around here. Very weird.

Our zucchini plants are going to town and growing fast. Too many flowers to count! I'm psyched. We have 2 sweet bell peppers forming (isn't it amazing how fruits and veggies grow right out of the flowers?!) and Delaney picked one ripe tomato tonight and there is another one that will be ready in a day or two. I love having a vegetable garden almost more than a flower garden because there is so much reward for the labor.

Today was soooo much cooler. By 20 degrees! I think the high was 78 and there was a beautiful cool breeze blowing all day. It was overcast and a bit misty now and then. Perfect! I took the kids to a new park which is near Delaney's new school. They had a blast and we stayed over an hour and a half. Then we came home, had lunch, swam, and took naps. Well, as always, some of us took naps, mainly Delaney did not so Mama did not!

I started doing yoga again last night. I got half-way through the session when my friend Merna called. I met her when I moved to FL her hubby is also military...she has b/g twins who are 6 now. She moved out here to CA when my babies were only 4 or 5 months old. It was so nice to talk to her again, I really missed her positive energy in my life. She lives almost an hour away (north) from us so I don't think I'll be able to visit her every week but we are going to go up next week for her kids' birthday party. It is nice to know there is a friend kind of close by. I've felt very isolated this week.

I'm trying to find a playgroup for the twins. I found a place today called "Murphy Canyon Youth Center" so I'm going to be calling over there tomorrow to see what kind of programs they have going on. It is a military building and sponsored by MWR. Very close to home for us. Yay!

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