Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm sooo in love!

www.limewire.com THANK YOU, HEIDI!!! We have finally found a few "spare" moments to upload songs into our new MP3 players. I'm so in love with Limewire and my Creative player! Steve has re-created one of my long-lost favorite cassette tapes...well, I guess it wasn't really long lost because I have hung onto it all of these years (I received it from my dad for Christmas in 1982 - the year I got my first "Walkman" knock off) even though it stopped playing about 18 years ago. The cassette is by K-Tel and called "The Beat"...all new wave music of the early 80's...A Flock of Seagulls, Thompson Twins, Go Go's and more. I also downloaded Sophie Ellis-Bexter's "Murder on the Dance Floor" tonight and will soon be after a few other songs as soon as the kids are in bed. WOW. I'm jazzed!

Monday, we went up to Miramar, the Marine Corps base and did some shopping. Originally we were going for a plunger and groceries at the commissary. We ended up with a few plants for in our backyard and had lunch there as well. We got 3 tomato plants, a small flat of zucchini, 2 sweet bell pepper plants, and some different purple flowering plants to mix in with all of the orange going on out there. I will upload some photos in a few days. I know I keep saying that!!!

Today we didn't do much really. Steve and William went to get haircuts. The girls and I walked the dog around the block...they really like to do that here! We saw Luna in the sky at 9:30 in the morning and they were all excited about that. Later, we had lunch and swam a bit. Steve and I worked in Delaney's room cleaning up the big mess the babies had made over the past few days and just organizing it in general. There is a shelf that runs the length of her room and I'm afraid of heights so I needed him to get up there and put all of her cuddlies up. By doing that, we were able to empty a crush bin and now she can use that for laundry instead of all of those animals.

Steve goes tomorrow for his first day at the school. It's not really classes but his introduction to the ROTC unit that will supervise him (for lack of a better word) and do all of the administrative stuff while he is here in San Diego going to school.

Guess I should close for now. William is at my feet and bugging me. I need to get the kids in bed.

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