Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bronx Pizza

After another HOT day and more unpacking and swimming, we decided to go out for dinner. Donnie (Steve's cousin) told us about a NY-style pizzeria called "Bronx Pizza" in downtown San Diego. Talk about perfect timing...we pulled up and not only was there a spot right outside the front door but there was also a table just inside waiting for us. The pizza was pretty good and the place was packed. Tinna and Delaney complained the whole way there that they "don't like pizza" but they ate their fair share and had fun doing it. The pizza joint is in the Hillcrest area of the city and is known for it's trendy restaurants and gay bars. We had fun people watching. The really fat (sorry, but it's true) oriental cowgirl was probably the highlight of the evening. Her stomach was hanging out of what appeared to be a half-shirt and she had a very fancy belt around her bare middle. Very strange indeed. I prayed under my breath that Delaney would not say "Mommy, she's FAT" like she has done in the past. Lucky for me, my prayers were answered and she kept her mouth shut. (She also can tell you that men who sport mullet cuts are "rednecks". OOPS!!!)

It's now 11pm Pacific time. Steve has been working on our new ceiling fan for close to two hours. Did I say this house has NO AC?!?! The temps have been over 90 in here for the past week. We have been around to almost all of the local stores and no one has any window "box" fans in stock. Apparently 85+ is a heat wave or least that is what I heard on the radio a few days ago. We are hoping the new ceiling fan will help move the air around a bit better. I have been sleeping pretty well at night and William actually wakes up crying around 1 or 2am because he is too cold. Delaney has a new comforter from IKEA and she has been sleeping under it every night so I don't think the heat bothers her much either. That or she **really** loves the comforter...which might be the case as the cover has primary colored numbers all over it. I really thought she would go for the girly prince/princess cover but she was certain numbers were for her. Good girl! Maybe she'll be smarter in math than her mother is.

I still have not yet finished Njal's Saga...when I find it in this house again, that is what I'm going to be reading. Last week (pre-household goods delivery) I read the Second Summer of the Sisterhood which is the second book in the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" series. It was great and shocking. Has anyone else read it? I can't wait to get my hands on the third one.

Let's is nice to have our DISH back. I watched

The Family Stone and Nanny McPhee this week. I was not disappointed in either movie. We thought Delaney would like Nanny McPhee as she likes Mary Poppins and kept asking to see this one but she walked out after 45 minutes of it...I think it is still a bit over her head.

I think that's all of my ramblings for tonight. Perhaps Steven has all of the screws off the bed and I can get some kip now.

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