Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yes, it's pitiful these days! dad just said to me "How's your blog going?" and I guess it is pretty pitiful when I have to respond with "What blog?!" I haven't had much time lately. Monday night, I had my last meeting with my local Uzzie friends (Usborne Books). It was sad to say good bye plus I was feeling a bit ill all day so I was out of it most of the time, too. I'm hoping I'll be able to get to Tulsa next year for Convention and see everyone again so I tried not to say "good bye" but just "see you later". Tuesday night, I went out with two of my friends from Hebrew class...Barb and Elyse and Elyse's mom went along with us so we totalled 4. We drove out to the Lucky Dill Deli in Palm Harbor. Great time, but man, did it take forever to get there and back! Still, it was good company and we spent the time chatting about all kinds of things. I didn't even get home until after 11pm and in bed after midnight that night. Wednesday, my dad and Kathy got here so the kids were all excited about that. Today, we ran errands and made a start on taking down pictures and such and started to patch holes. Tinna's "big girl" bed was delivered today and even though we won't put her in it until we are in CA, it terrifies me to think about the twins being able to get out of bed and run around. I can feel more gray hairs coming onto my head already.

Tried to start Dr Zhivago last week but never got out of the introduction so today I started Voltaire's Candide. Interesting so far!

Time to close and try to get some rest. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a big day with more errands and work around the house to get ready for the movers next week. I also have to do a bit of training with one of my new Uzzie recruits. I'm disappointed that my show for the 18th has fizzled out. The hostess says many of the friends she called are on vacation that week. Too bad, I really wanted to do one more show before I left FL. I'm taking my entire business with me when we drive cross country...never know what might happen...and at least I'll be ready to start working when we get to CA! I have a few ideas for leads and I'm ready to make it happen!

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