Friday, June 02, 2006

Coca-Cola Blak

Has anyone else tried this? I'm not completely sold on it. It was almost like carbonated coffee flavored candy. Very strange.

SJM returned home this morning after a flight on the red-eye from CA. His suitcase has gone missing. He thinks someone else picked up his bag as there was one bag left that looked just like his but wasn't. We are still waiting to hear from the airline (Delta). Thankfully, it was mostly clothes, his pillow, and a few maps/books of San Diego. My laptop was with him on the plane so luckily that did not go amiss! (How would I survive with not being able to cook, watch the kids, AND check email at the same time?!?!)

We had our last session with our "Parent's As Teachers" lady today. Another sad moment. The kids really like her as she reads to them and always has a fun craft to do each time she visits. We offered to take her along to CA with us...I think she likes the idea but she has too many other commitments here in Tampa! I have a mother's tea tomorrow with my friends in TPOTS (Tampa Parents of Twins & Supertwins), a final dinner with my friends from Hebrew class on Tuesday night and then Dad & Kathy will be here on Weds to help me start organizing the house. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Dear Shannon, whatta awsome new blog page you have!! I just wanted to say a quick HI and I will write to you soon. It has been crazy with me, I have bin so busy with work, home, school and all and things. Villi is still on sea so...Im wating for my hubby bubby...Love to all, MarĂ­a in Iceland

Misss Amm-bah said...

speaking of Coca-Cola Blak... i was listening to a comedia and he said "why buy CCBlak when you can get the same results from your garbage disposal.." so i havent had the nerve to try it glad you have....:D on another note how goes it. i got your email the other day nice to know that you are safely in Californi-yay.