Monday, June 19, 2006

Our house is empty!

Our house is finally empty. After living with boxes everywhere since last Wednesday, it was nice to see them go. I have to admit we have waaaay too many possessions. We filled up 3/4 of a semi and they had to call for a second truck to pick up the "overflow"! YIKES. In our defense, I must say 2 things; 1. the big rig was already 1/4 full of someone else's stuff so I think in reality, ALL of ours would have fit in one load had we had the entire truck available and 2. this is what happens when you are a bargain/Goodwill/yardsale shopper who is from a divorced family and married into a divorced family. I do not think I pay retail very often for the items we own and certainly the grandparents in our lives have contributed to this situation!!! (I refuse to accept full responsibility.) We will need to have a major yardsale if we are sent to Japan next.

Njal's Saga is still as great as it was a few days ago...even better now, perhaps. The women in the middle ages were wicked to each other. Murder and theft abound. I love it! It is almost like reading a good thriller or mystery but a lot of it is based on true accounts of the settlement of Iceland. These stories have been documented in other volumes so while they may be embellished, they are mostly true. I wish I would have read these stories while I lived there. I would really like to go around the south coast of Iceland again (it was one of my favorite areas anyway, I've been down there 3 or 4 times) to see where these stories took place. Intriguing.

Tomorrow we drive up to Orlando (yes, Daddy, we will take a photo of the Mickey Mouse ears-shaped power pole for you...the camera is already in my diaper bag) to turn in the Toyota for shipment to CA. We were planning on seeing Steve's friend Bob but I guess the drive to Orlando is too far for him. Then we were planning on seeing our friend Judy but she is going to be at Magic Kingdom all day so now that appears to be out of the question. Oh well. I guess I'll have to settle for a trip to the Florida Mall and shopping at LUSH! Scrummy. I can smell it already.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I'll be stuck at home with no car. Delaney is going to have a playdate with Austin. His mom has been generous enough to offer to take her to and from school on Weds/Thurs and have her over for a playdate on Wednesday. Delney doesn't know it yet so now I have bribery material for tomorrow!

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