Thursday, June 15, 2006

Njal's Saga ROCKS!

I just LOVE medieval literature. I can't get enough of it. My fascination started in 10th grade with Beowulf and grew stronger in college with Chaucer. I read Hrafnkel's Saga a few months ago, enjoyed it and wondered "Why haven't I read more of this before now". This morning, after 2 months of reading the introduction (on and off), I started into Njal's Saga. I love it! I think I've had 2 hours of straight reading time today and it's been wonderful.

The movers packed out our entire house yesterday. Just two of them - a man and a woman - both grandparents! Amazing what people can do when they work hard and don't take constant phone calls and smoke breaks. (For anyone who has packed out overseas, you may know what I mean). These two people have packing down to a fine art, we are very impressed. At any rate, we have only 3 large items left to be packed/wrapped. They will be done tomorrow by a 3rd party moving company. The loaders come on Monday. We are taking the Toyota up to Orlando Tuesday...I'm hoping for a trip to LUSH at the mall in Orlando so I can stock up on goodies ( There is no LUSH in San Diego so I'll still have to pay shipping if I order while we live out there. Maybe someday we'll be near a city that has a LUSH store again!

Delaney has a boyfriend at school named Austin. She says they have agreed to be married when they get bigger like me. Austin likes girls to wear dresses and not shorts (at least that is what Delaney says) so now she won't wear shorts to school any longer. Funny girl! I keep telling her "You can get married to Austin after you go to Penn State." I took some photos of them on the playground this week so I'll upload photos soon if Steven kept the camera cables.

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