Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's always something...

We drove to Orlando yesterday to have our Rav shipped to CA. Got up there a little after 12...must say the kids did excellent...especially the twins as they had been in the car since 10 because we went to KMart and to get coffee after William's speech therapy. Steven came back to my car after less than 5 minutes at the shipping place and I said "Are you done already? Is that it?" and he said "That's it alright." Uh oh. Apparently there is no car shipment in CONUS (Continental U.S. for those of you that are not military). OH NO. We have 3 days left in FL...well 4 but only 3 working ones.

So, what could we do? We went on to the Florida Mall so we could grab some lunch. I did my shopping at LUSH (skin drink, angels on bare skin, aquamarina, bath bombs - I really need to own one of these stores!). The mall was very nice but busy. As we were walking, the kids started pointing and yelling something we couldn't understand but it turned out there was a Playmobil FunPark down the way.;sid=gFwBEucxwDoBFaOoqWINNCkDx-OIGtxhFnU=?PM_Template=Static%2ffunparks%2forlando%2fplayarea&PLS=0

AWESOME!!! Why is it that the best toys come from Germany? Bright, colorful, child friendly, great quality? We didn't buy anything yet but you can bet Santa(s) will be getting our list in December! The store is set up so that the kids can play with almost everything that is for sale. I bet we spent a good 30-45 minutes in there. I know our munchkins didn't want to leave!

Today finds me at home with the babies. Steven is taking the Honda in for servicing and to have a rooftop storage container installed. Since the Rav doesn't hold 3 children under 12, Austin's mom will be picking up Delaney for school and then taking her home with Austin after school for a playdate. I might go over to Liz's this morning to do some laundry if she can come get me but other than that, I have to clean this house from top to bottom (or however high I can reach!) before Saturday. Not sure when the landlord will come to get the key but I want to be certain everything is in order before he gets here.

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