Saturday, June 24, 2006

More weather...

We are almost finished with FL...can't really believe it ourselves. It is Saturday, almost 4pm as I write this. We are supposed to head over to Elida's to swim and have a cookout. Delaney's last playdate with Clarkie. There are grey clouds everywhere and I've already heard thunder. Steve said earlier that he heard on the radio that NOAA is keeping an eye on the atlantic at a potential tropical storm system...supposedly to hit tonight or tomorrow. Just nature's farewell to us I suppose.

Almost everything is out of our house. We've been packing up and cleaning all day. The landlord stopped by this morning to give us our security deposit and the realtor stopped by to give us a lock box for on the front door. Wow. We are almost out of here! Only the wake-up call left.

Tomorrow the plan is to leave the house (after a final vacuuming, of course!) around 8am and get on the road. We are hoping to make it to Gautier, MS, where Mike, Alexis, and Niko live. They were our neighbors in Iceland and we bought William's crib from them before moving to FL. Now, we are stopping by their house to see them and to return the crib as Alexis is expecting baby #2 this winter. Yay! We think Gautier (pronounced Go-shay, by the way) is about 8-9 hours from Tampa. Hopefully we can make it there by late afternoon/early evening, have dinner with them, and then go crash at a hotel so we can get an early start on Monday.

Keep sending emails...we should have internet access wherever we can find Starbuck' addition to our friends houses. Have laptop, will travel!

CA or bust!!!

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