Monday, June 26, 2006


What a long day yesterday! We left our house in FL at 8:30 am (hey, only 30 minutes later than we had planned but I stepped on a glass shard in my bare feet and needed some medical attention!) and drove for what seemed like forever. Stopped a few times for bathroom and gas breaks, and finally arrived at our destination around 7:00 pm. We were able to visit with Mike & Alexis, see Niko and be amazed at how he has grown since we left Iceland, and just relax and catch up. It was so nice and definitely worth the extra hour or two we had to plan into the drive to get there. I got the cutest picture of Delaney and Nik discussing the finer points of Peter Pan. I cannot believe she is such a big girl. Nik was this age when we all left Iceland!

As I write this, it is 6:30-ish (am) Central time. We have had a horrible night's sleep. William is getting sick, Steven is getting sick, the air conditioner in the room is amazingly LOUD, and every time a door opens or car security system beeps, Henry barks. UGH. I hope Steven feels better than I do. Right now I just need some COFFEE. One good thing...the hotel is in between Cracker Barrel and the Waffle House so we have our pick of a decent breakfast and cup of JoePa. Perhaps I can catch a nap in the car later. We are trying to reach Shreeveport, Louisiana today...supposedly a 7 hour drive. We don't have a hotel yet and it has been difficult for us to find one that will accept a 70 lb labrador!

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